Work, security and uncertainty

Life is made to move forward and the moon contributes to this progress. With a full moon atmosphere in Cancer, we could feel regression, but keep in mind that this star makes our imagination speak. An energy of uncertainty could be very present. If so, ask yourself the following question: do my uncertainties come from my imagination? It is easy to create scenarios in which you take the role of victim, especially when it comes to hardship or work.

Keep in mind that we are in a collective universe and that this one always brings the support of others when we need it. By keeping an open mind, Uranus being in Taurus will affect our little pleasures in life and will take charge of sharing favorable developments with us. Everyone has chosen to exercise this life in a particular field, whether in handling, health, sport… This field of experience, in this time of the full moon, risks attracting our attention since usually. Especially for earth signs who usually take their jobs very seriously.

Add to this the moon in her home (planet governing cancers) in cancer which comes to make this stay very intense emotionally. These emotions, if taken seriously, can become the search engine for meaningful awareness of how to be safe when facing obstacles.

As stated in the article on the December 14 new moon, Mercury has sent a message and we must take the time to analyze it.

This full moon becomes auspicious for novelists and dreamers whether you are one or not. Embrace this wave as an opportunity to revisit what insecure you in the present moment to write it down and daydream about it. Take the time to sit down in a peaceful place and let yourself be inspired by your background and your professional sector of activity. Let this pencil write everything that comes to your mind by itself. Become aware of what inhabits you. Revisit yourself and find out how you have done in the past to make situations that seemed totally uncomfortable, comfortable to the point of changing a part of you that no longer served you.

Phil Astrologer of Astro Réno

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