Prepare for a most eventful new moon. Under the fiery atmosphere of Sagittarius asking only to realize his ideas or his desires in the material world. For this December 14, the Universe has plenty of twists and turns. It is advisable to keep our goals in mind, but to stay in a realistic context. Thanks to the quadruple conjunction involving the moon, the sun, mercury and the southern node of the moon, those around us will bring us messages to which we should be attentive.

Then, take into account that Mercury, the messenger of the gods, also found in the sign of Sagittarius, will in turn deliver a most inspiring message. This message will be about what we will have to part with to arrive at our intentions for this new moon. To bring new goals into our lives, we’ll have to leave something behind. To fully understand what Mercury is trying to tell us, put your pride aside. Pay attention to what people, who are perceived to be brothers or sisters, are trying to deliver as information.

Willingness and awareness of the sun will be combined with the more daydreaming aspect of the moon, which will provide a cocktail that can create some conflicts with those close to us about our beliefs and convictions.

This new moon supported by Mars, master of strategy, being in its sign in Aries will play a more than important role in this rather revealing atmosphere. Mars also asks to put in place a well-thought-out procedure to achieve our ends. Have you ever wondered what your dreams are made of right now? Or, do your thoughts work in symbiosis with your goals to be achieved? Even though we never asked the question, we don’t need to think about it since the answers will come through the people we care about.

Our harmonious aspect and our beliefs will come into dissonance with this new moon, which will bring a lot of ambiguity. We will have to be wary of our more or less realistic aspirations. Use a concrete and tangible strategy to share it with those around us who may not understand all of what is inside us. Like all changes and the revival of a new moon, it involves sacrifice. Sometimes difficult, sometimes lighter, but always in order to get closer to our desires or to what we want to achieve on earth.

The key then lies in the realism and resilience of understanding that we do not always get what we want and to make more consistent choices. The people who are close to us have in them the phrase that we need to hear even if sometimes it does not please us. We must remain open to the opportunities that life brings us, to see the sacrifices that we must leave behind as a way to soften up.

Phil Astrologer of Astro Réno

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