Sacred Moon&Stars is first of all a dream. The dream of founding a community for those who have an interest in esotericism, spirituality and mysticism for all those in search of their consciousness and their gifts. This community is therefore for all humans on this Earth as we all hold the ability to become fully conscious and possess gifts.

Whether it is astrology, rituals, mediumship and divinatory arts (tarot cards, oracles, divinatory pendulums, casting charms), here everything will be simplified to make this sometimes confusing world a world in which your soul will gently awaken with the help of your own feelings and your divine trust. With the help of our divine humans Sindy and Philippe we will discover week by week a panoply of astrological and divinatory advice. Our favorite tools? The moon and stars of course!

We also offer a wonderful range of Divine products specially selected, purified and recharged by our incredible team. All available in the store section.