I remember being younger that I was quite different from the kids around me. My interest seemed to be on the feelings a human might have, and even what they prompt us to do sometimes. I wanted to understand, through emotions, the mechanism of life. Everything seemed so simple to me when I looked at my surroundings. We’re little, then we go to school, we end up buying a car, a house and we find ourselves a wife to share good times. It didn’t make sense to me. From my point of view, I saw a lot of people act without questioning themselves, quite naturally because that’s the way it is and that’s it. This masquerade gave me no comforting feelings to the point where I wanted to run away from it all. I refused to participate in this sad reality.

As I recalled all those past memories, I realized the usefulness of these moods. They were necessary in order to remain in a surge of curiosity still unfulfilled. The more I focused my attention on emotions, the more I wanted to capture the essence of them. It is with maturity that I now perceive this whole journey, once brutal, becoming like a reflection of my unconscious. If I wanted to discover this famous mechanism, I had to use these spheres to ask myself the right questions. It was necessary to experience this suffering to experience these emotions and finally decipher them.

The more I accumulated, the more I realized that my studies revolved around the imperceptible. I had to define my own view of things and my beliefs. I realized that the more I grew my curiosity through the teachings offered by the internet today or even people crossing your path by chance, I had to create my way of exercising my spirituality. So my research started to get more and more interesting. Anything that my interest developed a level of attraction to, I would analyze and put into practice. Like the tarot reading which turned out to be a powerful lever in understanding what dwelled in me, but never as much as astrology.

One evening my little brother asked me if I knew what a star map was. Like any good skeptic, my attention has turned to this science with countless questions. Since I had no answer, I would dig deeper into this topic. The more I studied, the more intense the revelations began to become. They brought to light events that were once problematic. However, I could now see in it some avenues for interpretation rather than misunderstood suffering. I dissected every aspect of my birth chart. The more I analyzed this map, the more I could see the importance of some of my behaviors.

To begin with, I believe that the universe has its matrix and I breathe the same air as all the rest of the beings on this wonderful planet. So I too am life in a way. Assuming that this correlation affects all who share the same breath, at this point we are functioning hand in hand with this universe and so everything has to make sense or at least be of use to something. As I wrote earlier, I wanted to make my own mind about it, so nothing better than studying this science and picking up what I thought was interesting. Until one day my research led me to see one aspect of a theme called the North Node. It is defined as the path of incarnation of a person. No need to tell you that with all my questions, he deserved my attention towards this most bizarre hypothesis. Admitting that this theory was true, all the rest of my features took a very different turn.

Even with my skeptical mind, my doubts and my willingness to find the loophole through this science, I cannot deny the existence of the north node and see the importance and consistency that this point brings to the interpretation of a sky map. To put you in context, a birth chart has both good and bad aspects. However, both on the positive and the negative of a star chart reading, I can realize the usefulness of the harder to embody spheres as necessary to the successful completion of my life path. It is from this moment that astrology becomes one of the studies allowing me to discover a facet of this symbiosis so much sought after. The more I learn, the more I understand the importance of every perspective of my being. The more I consciously evolve with what is inside me, the more I have to say yes to life.

For me, astrology is one of the most incredible paths I have ever taken. To perceive my arrogance as a more difficult aspect to embody, if properly dosed, can simply become a fear of not being recognized. My appetite for victory can be affected in many areas of my life, but without reading my theme, I can use arrogance as the only way to express my thirst for victory or even, my jealousy that comes from my desire to win. ‘invest the best part of myself in an area and not get the credit. So all this jealousy and arrogance actually stems from a simple need for recognition that I didn’t have during my childhood. This lack of recognition must have been nonexistent, otherwise, at which point I would have become curious enough to continue my research.

I can tell you that this science guides and helps to raise awareness about each area of ​​life. Astrology, if correctly interpreted, carefully disentangles the path of incarnation. Suddenly providing concrete avenues of achievement. Certain passages of my existence were very difficult to swallow, but find their places through what I have come to acquire illuminating the places where my attention is directed, whether conscious or unconscious.

In summary, I recommend this science to anyone who wants to gain insight into what your inner self is bringing in your path. Raise human awareness about aspects of their inner being. If, to understand the functioning of an atmosphere which remains by an emotional memory intrigues you or quite simply to have confirmations on certain spheres of your course such as: work, loves, money, parent-child relationships or needs that inhabit astrology becomes an interesting starting point. To fully prepare yourself to hear what your soul wants you to transcend, keep an open mind and let yourself be bathed in this universe and I promise you will be surprised.

Phil Astrologer of Astro Réno

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