Full Moon in Taurus

November 20, 2021

3h59 Qc

9:59 am En

Key words : Anchoring, Unconscious, Integration, Fertility.

To begin, I invite you to read the energies of the last new moon in Scorpio https://www.sacredmoonandstars.com/nouvelle-lune-en-scorpion/ in order to fully integrate the path we are going through or have gone through. These two moons are intimately linked to each other. If the New Moon in Scorpio led us to reorganize ourselves on a personal and emotional level with the help of deep introspection, the Full Moon in Taurus leads us to the answers found during the last two weeks, either to seek a balance by taking a slight step backwards in the face of certain upheavals or changes, or to find a balance between our conscious solar vitality and our unconscious lunar emotion. Finding the balance between the part of us that wants to trust what is and the part that keeps us in our old worn-out boots of fear. If we want to move forward in this new cycle started at the last new moon, we will have to stop going back to the past and stay anchored in the present.

Taurus being the first earth sign and the first “fixed” sign corresponding to power stability, but also to material stability, it is possible that this aspect of our life will be a bit challenged during this full moon since emotions will be mixed with the material side. Whether it is at the financial level where certain questions could appear and put us in question. This lunation is an ideal time to get our finances under control or find a way to invest well in the long term.

It will be time to take a step back from many aspects of our lives. Let our gaze be directed to what has changed within us over the past few months rather than what we still need to improve or change. Take a moment to contemplate this interior space in which we have cleaned up and changed some furniture. Take advantage of this deep lucidity of perception brought by the scorpion, to look clearly at our inner patterns that reflect our outer.

This is a good time to review our deepest values and possessions, but especially to review our spiritual values and the way we apply them or materialize them. I mean the way we treat others and help our neighbor. Not, the act of your rituals. One of the largest eclipses ever seen in 600 years will take place on this date. It’s time to manifest more abundance and creativity for the next 6 months. First and foremost, we will have to dive into the conscious or unconscious material fears and overcome them. If we have faced some harmful traits of ourselves, instead of denying or running away from them, be convinced that diving into the fears will be an extraordinary journey filled with beautiful rewards in the long run.

I see the sign of Taurus as representing the root chakra, which is the chakra of security of our connection to the earth and the material world. This chakra is also the chakra that is directly related to “karma”, the sum of previous experiences. We tend to talk about “good” or “bad” karma when in reality karma is there to teach us certain aspects of life and thus draw our lessons. If we believe, of course, that we have more than one life. It is also our deep anchor of spiritual energies. Revisit this word “spirituality”. At a time of spirituality for all, a bit of a push towards psycospiritpop (a neologism invented by me), some people confuse esotericism, personal growth and spirituality. Set the record straight on these three issues. Make up your own mind about your spirituality.

I suggest that you learn more about this chakra and create a small altar in its honor and in your honor. Go for a walk in the forest and choose some elements on the ground, a red candle, pleasant childhood memories that represent the beginning of your life here on earth. Afterwards, contemplate this place materialized by you, sing, dance, share it with friends and send each other inspiring thoughts.

Here is an example of my place dedicated to the root chakra at the moment.

On this note, I wish you a full moon full of confidence, benevolence and especially realization.

Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions.

Sindy Cartomancer, astrologer and full time dreamer of a more conscious universe. For a consultation with me it is here: https://www.sacredmoonandstars.com/produit/theme-natal/

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