Understanding, service and utility

The trend varies from month to month, from year to year, and this, to lead us towards the path of peace and harmony. What seems strange, however, if we compare ourselves with a child, is that a source of stress or anxiety can be found in our daily lives. These young people are probably not yet aware of these phenomena according to their age, whereas we are confronted with them regularly. Let’s take a moment to analyze this reverse slope that we can unconsciously generate. Presumably, that we have taken the wrong path. Shouldn’t evolution run on an upward curve? Shouldn’t the level of happiness increase over time?

This Full Moon in Virgo will provide a simplicity of perceiving what needs to be improved. Our consideration of the objectives set in the past will become clearer. The ability to act with initiative with regard to these goals or desires will assert itself. The best thing about this full moon is that it is affectionate with acceptance and understanding to let go of a behavior or mood that could be detrimental to our quest.

Venus will represent itself during this lunation as the part of us that is capable of operating for the good of all. The desire to be useful in a situation where we could provide support will suddenly become important. Let’s enjoy this atmosphere to enter in communion with the part of mutual aid that we can exercise to support someone or something. The energies will gladly favor the restructuring of our interior if we lend ourselves to the game. By investing our time for ourselves or for others in a profitable way, we accept healing in our lives. We allow this energy to flow through us and make many events more enjoyable around us.

Virgo will provide this moon with an ability to do us good through the services we produce, provided we practice mutual aid with a good heart. We should not use this atmosphere with the aim of harvesting virtue. The healing axis of the fish and the virgin can allow us the cooperation of body and mind. Awareness seems to be growing during this period. A flexible approach to a problem and finding a solution should not be overlooked. Taking the time to review or analyze all possible options for healing someone or something could be very beneficial and easier than usual.

In short, let us be lulled by our intuition about the part of ourselves that needs attention. Let’s look at it, prepare a plan or program to make these situations favorable. I see this as a much more profitable resolution than the one adopted in January. Accepting ideas or urges to heal rather than running from them. Let’s take the time to sit down and plan for the year ahead. I hope that this day can restore the power over the choices made as a source of inner recovery. We will see the external repercussions a little later.

Phil Astrologer of Astro Reno

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