What is Charm Casting?

Charm Casting is a form of divinatory art using charms or small objects.

The charms are thrown on a mat or in a container and then interpreted and received messages using your intuition.

This form of divinationS would come from the throwing of jacks or runes that our ancestors used long ago.

The only things you need are small objects, a throwing surface and your intuition. Of course, the game can greatly evolve and grow with your imagination.

Charm Casting is powerful because of its simplicity and the fact that there are no set rules. There is a mini guideline, but nothing scary. YES! YES! No rules! You make the rules with your own energy and your own feelings. No need for training or reading dozens of books.

Even the most experienced will find Charm Casting simple and easy to interpret.

What are the best tips for getting started?

  • Take a notebook or journal and write down your interpretations for each of your objects and charms. Choose a charm and write down what it means to you right now. It is possible that the meaning of a charm may change during the course of a run or in a certain print run. There is no right or wrong interpretation.
  • Start with 20 to 30 charms and objects. Our kit includes 36 of them but some, like the heart, the dollar sign and others are rather simple to interpret. Later you can add other small objects or even sets.
  • Practice as often as possible and be confident in yourself. The magic of this game lies in the uniqueness and belonging of each and every one of us. No one will tell you if you are doing it right or not because there are no rules.

What are the advantages of using Charm Casting as a divination tool?

  • The interpretations will really speak for themselves as each piece in this game has a unique meaning for you.
  • This game will grow with you as you put in certain pieces that you find over time. It can be pieces from an old board game, charms from old jewelry, small crystals and other small objects that will reveal something to you.
  • There are no strict rules. In this way you can create a unique practice based on your beliefs.
  • The Charm Casting will help you sharpen your intuition. The more you practice, the more your confidence will grow. The fact that there is no set meaning to objects and no set way of doing things will make it easier to create a world in which your intuition can flow.
  • If you’re a more experienced person, you’ll find Charm Casting an asset to make your prints more playful, creative and fun.
  • Finally, Charm Casting is fun and creative. I give you the example of a piece of my game, my little Lego character dressed as a Ninja. This piece always makes you laugh when it comes up. It represents for me a certain inner struggle and warns that concentration is needed to face it.

What are the best methods for good Charm Casting?

At first you may be scared of the game, as with any other fortune-telling game, but with Charm Casting it will only take a few casts for you to develop your own method. I share with you here some methods of drawing.

  • One charm per day for a quick guidance. Pick up a charm that will be a simple little message for your day.
  • The handful of charms for the day, week or month. Take a handful of 5 to 10 charms and let the interpretation rise, without judging yourself, of course.
  • Carpets. This method is personally my favorite! Mats help focus what needs to be understood or seen in a question. There are all kinds, such as the 4 spheres of life relationships/love, work/money, body/health and spirituality/unconsciousness, astrological houses, love issues, present, past and future, etc. You simply throw the charms onto the mat, or drop a few charms into each part of the mat.
  • Tarot, oracle and Charm Casting. When doing a tarot or oracle card reading, throw a few charms at each card to get a deeper understanding of it. You will then see clear messages!

You are now ready for a wonderful and grandiose journey into the creative, evolving and magical world of Charm Casting. Rule 1: There are no rules. The only thing to remember now is: HAVE FUN and enjoy doing it for yourself and others. Don’t underestimate your psychic abilities and trust yourself. This game is yours and you are the only one in control. And because you are unique, this game is as unique as you are.