Within this article, I will describe several facades of the moon and many ways to include it in everyday life. I see this natural satellite as a portion of life that has its own language. This sends, from its position in space, a kind of proposition. Now it’s up to us to listen to it. Present for much longer than us, it participates in the frequencies of our existence. The effects it spreads affect us whether we like it or not. His influence is felt by his mere presence. But how do you understand the messages from the moon?

Closely linked to the cycle of life, it sets the circle of the zodiac in 28 days, which corresponds to the menstrual periods of women who give birth to human beings. For these reasons and several others, it is associated with all this internal development in a person and with everything related to gestation. She is more intuitive than human because of her connectivity and awareness that works from the inside out. Like a child born in its mother’s womb, it arrives on earth with a more existential communication with this satellite. However, this does not necessarily mean that humans do not have this ability to exchange with the moon. He must naturally take the time to connect with her.

A human being who has a life expectancy of around 84 years will pass through approximately 1,008 full moons. Each of these brings different messages and works in us in an unconscious way if we are not listening to it. We might just end up going through these changes without our knowledge and enduring our life instead of totally savoring it. To live well these exchanges proposed by the moon we must, first of all, detach ourselves from all logic. I say this because this faculty results directly from the mind. The way we start a project or even calculate the performance of a company is a reflection of logic. Anything that comes from within us or more specifically emotionally doesn’t have to go through the brain. Have you ever tried to describe a love affair with your logic? It becomes very difficult to understand and rather platonic, don’t you think? Not all inner feelings can be defined by the mind. We sometimes act very intensely and even with a thoughtless approach when we are madly in love.

In space also reside 12 zodiacal signs. Each of them has an atmosphere that influences the planets that cross them. The moon revolves around the constellations in 28 days which means that it spends about 2.5 days under each of the stars. This implies that it exchanges and qualifies the messages that it wants to convey to us with each of the stellar configurations. As I said a little earlier, this star has its own language and in it this communication is brought in the form of vibration. For a very long time, studies, applied to these signs of the zodiac and these planets that roam the solar system, allow us today to popularize this language. Thanks to this involvement of these astrologers, we can now give clear indications and even predict some of these behaviors. This vocabulary fascinates me and I would like to share my knowledge with you. In this way you too can benefit from this angle of approach in a conscious state.

The principles described in my articles on new moons and full moons offered on this site do not demonstrate all the options that this satellite offers us. These 2 phases of the satellite are certainly the most important. However, 8 possible alignments exist and are exercised with the sun. From the new moon, the one that corresponds to the beginning of a cycle, to the last crescent, this allows us to assimilate the transit. In fact, we all have a way of finding ourselves through these lunar stages according to our reality. To prevent the fact that these transits take place in an unconscious form, I offer us below some avenues to introduce it to our daily lives, to deal with these changes consciously, rather than working without our knowledge. For the rest, we have the freedom to live as we wish the atmospheres offered by it.

  • New moon: It represents the moment when we must establish an intention for the coming month.
  • 1st quarter: The moment to initiate an action in connection with our needs of the previous phase.
  • Waxing Moon: The stage where we can trust each other. Here, our intuition allows us to act on these requests.
  • Full Moon: Now is the time to let go of an unwanted state. To bring in a new version of ourselves, we have to let go of anything that might interfere with our goal. Several full moon rituals are offered to exercise this step. Take the one that suits us.
  • Descending: Action is no longer required. Now is the time to start looking at the benefits that our good intentions can deliver.
  • Last quarter: Simply observe the manifestation and the impact of our requests on our environment.
  • Waning Crescent: Thank the Universe and give thanks for the changes made in a state of gratitude.
  • New moon: The cycle starts again and we must take a careful check-up of the previous month. Review our intentions for the next period. Then we can establish a new will that will affect the following month.

Imagine all these changes happening before our eyes without ever being aware of it. I suggest that we resume the fluidity of our life, cooperating in the collective evolutionary process. We can distinguish that between past civilizations and those of today a progression is observable. Previously, humans had to walk to fetch water. Now, turning on the tap is enough. This transformation is also operating within us. The moon in astrology has several interpretations. One of the most common, and in my opinion the most important, attributes is memory. We associate the moon with this character because it empowers everyone’s emotional register. Since we fabricate humanity through our actions, the moon applies to the emotional sphere of all for a collective motive. We experience it differently, of course, but the fundamental purpose under the reflections of existence, experienced by a single method, remains the same from an evolutionary point of view.

Finally, I simply invite us to enter into union with this lunar mechanism. Participate with her in these exchanges which will allow, after a little practice, to experience a symbiosis with our reality already present in our unconscious. This is a starting point. When this part of our life becomes more conscious, we will see the possibilities open up to us more clearly. We can now let her act with us and start talking to her. Eventually, trust will set in, I guarantee that.

Phil Astrologer of Astro Réno

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