Founder and dreamer

Sun sign: Virgo

Ascendant: Capricorn

Moon sign: Gemini

Describe yourself in two words? Generous and quick-witted

Sindy holds in her the source of information and the manual of the perfect little human. A few moments with this wonderful being will calm and comfort you. No need to ask, if you have something to ask, she is the person to contact. A most attentive ear to what your soul needs. Everyone should have a Sindy in his entourage. Generous and understanding, there is no doubt that she will be able to share with you her incredible wisdom.


Co-founder and web master

Sun sign : Aries

Ascendant: Gemini

Moon sign: Aquarius

Describe yourself in 2 words: Loyal and perceptive

Mattew is our entrepreneurial guru, our go-getter founding shareholder and our marketing master. It is thanks to his great ardor of Aries that he will materialize Sacred Moon&Stars one beautiful evening in November 2020. But the story begins earlier that year when he was going through a rather dark period. Without knowing it, he will ask for the help of the Universe, and by the ticket of a dream the Universe will put on his way our founder and dreamer Sindy (and also his ex of 10 years ago). It is in July 2020 that Sindy dreams of Mattew in a pitiful state. As she had not spoken to him for a long time Sindy hesitated to communicate with him but she knew very well, thanks to her gifts, that this dream did not belong to her and that he held a truth. Pushed by the Universe, Sindy got in touch with Mattew who was forced to realize that his dream was a reality. He was, with good reason, in a pitiful state. She proposed a tarot card session that same day, which was to become a remarkable and enriching partnership on both an intellectual and spiritual level.

Having been touched by the essence and energy of Sacred Moon&Stars himself, Mattew has been able to use his gifts to see the great hidden potential in others and make them recognize it. To turn half an idea into a whole idea and a dream into reality.


Chief Astrologer and Supporter

Sun sign: Pisces

Ascendant : Virgo

Moon sign: Cancer

Describe yourself in two words? Curious and open-minded

Phillipe has been practicing and studying astrology and tarot for 3 years now. He will soon be certified in medical astrology.

Like any respectable Pisces he has a very sharp intuition. He will know how to get what you need from you by communicating it with an uncommon wisdom. Despite his young age, Philippe is not at his first incarnation, which makes him a soul that seems familiar at first glance. He will charm you with his unique way of making you feel comfortable talking about your darker side. Under his empathetic gaze, Phillipe will lead you to ask yourself the questions essential to your evolution and to bring out authentic answers. One consultation with Phil and your soul will thank you.


Editor-in-Chief and perfect mom

Sun sign: Cancer

Ascendant: Cancer

Moon sign: Aries

Describe yourself in 2 words: Tenacious, perfectionist

Evelyne is our chief editor. If she didn’t exist, the dream of Sacred Moon&Stars would never have taken shape since she is the mother of our founder Sindy.

It is through her two passions, that of full-time teacher in a native environment and that of designer-publisher of educational products, that this beautiful and generous human being shares her time by helping her daughter to realize her dreams with the help of her lexical talents. It is thanks to her creative gift that Evelyne manages to make a captivating text out of a bunch of words. Our two budding bloggers, Sindy and Phil, are not writers at heart, but rather dreamers. Evelyne uses her teaching skills to give some basic notions about writing to these two (she will tell you how her daughter never listens to anything when it comes to French, and this, since her childhood, so rather say that it is a very hard work).

She knows how to be uncompromising when it comes to a misplaced or simply missing comma. It is possible that she has forgotten some typos because she is human like everyone else and sometimes makes mistakes or simply because she is educating teenagers.


Sun Sign: Pisces

Ascendant: Scorpio

Moon sign: Gemini

Describe yourself in 2 words: Visionary and intuitive

Annie always knew she came from a line of female healers and was fascinated with herbs, energy work and stones from a young age. His earliest childhood memories include a collection of experiences such as astral travel, encounters with entities and clairvoyant experiences.

Following a series of strong Guidances and Synchronicities, she founded Circé in 2020 and immediately positioned herself as an important player in the sale of flower essences in Quebec. It now holds the largest inventory of elixirs in the eastern part of the province and all are made in the middle of the boreal forest on the North Shore.
With Circe, Annie hopes to help as many people as possible to heal their inner ills and to recognize their full power.

Her favorite saying, which she applies to everything: Go with the flow!