Purification is basically an energetic cleansing, more precisely a cleansing of what one does not see, but which one feels generally called subtle energy. Since negative energy vibrates lower, it has the unfortunate tendency to stagnate. It is therefore necessary, like the dust accumulating in the bottom of the walls, to sweep and clean otherwise it will remain and will grow up being able to make you feel tired, stressed, negative, angry or to be in a state which is not like you.

Having worked in an esoteric store for almost 4 years I can safely say that the most frequently asked question was: How do I purify my house or my stones? or again: do you have that sage? Arrived in front of the sage other questions follow. How it works? I read this, a girl that I am on YouTube turns from right to left, someone told me that, my shaman advises me on sage, my mother told me … And you, what do you think? What I always answer: I can tell you how I do it, but the important thing is the intention that we put into it, everything is in THE INTENT! Go ahead with whatever calls you. People are always a little surprised by this answer which is in fact not an answer, but more a guidance. To be honest I hit a bit of the same wall as them when I first started in this universe. Especially when it comes to stones. Unfortunately, I could not afford to buy a $ 2000 clear quartz aggregate as some authors of lithotherapy books advise. This is what prompted me to write this blog because you can quickly get lost in it and fall into the fear of doing things badly. So I’ll make it simple for you.

The sage, Paolo Santo, salt, clear quartz or any other accessory to purify it is not magic friends !!!! Sorry to tell you. The reason is very simple, everything is in the intention except that even if your intention is really strong and that you have sage, if you are in tabar &?% When you decide to purify something, even if you have paid your sage 300 $ I can swear to you that it is the opposite which will happen (if you paid your sage this price there write to me we must speak). Because yes, sage, Paolo Santo and frankincense have the property of purifying because their vibratory rate is high, but not at this point. The magic is in you and it is called confidence in you. The rest is just an extension of yourself to help yourself, and what others do or don’t do is up to them. Always keep in mind that this is your ritual and that you are the master of your Universe. For those who do not know, with the help of only our hands we can purify.

The only thing I advise you to do is take a moment for yourself and meditate fifteen minutes before doing so in order to be in a good state of mind. Your house will be filled with beautiful energies and so will you. Isn’t that beautiful! You can also write down in a journal what bothers you and what gratitudes you have.

Well! It is not by circling around your house with just a lit sage stick that your house will miraculously purify itself. Well no! It’s boring too! So I advise you to say something positive like a prayer that you know, words like love, gratitude, peace, joy. For my part, I simply repeat out loud: plant spirit of sage purifies the house, stones or tarots. But still there go with what makes you feel good that’s all. No need to make it complicated. Because someone might come up and say to you in an authoritative tone, as if your life depended on it, that you just messed up the whole earth: “let’s see, that’s not what you have to say, you have to recite the Lord’s Prayer while chanting mantras with your head down and your feet crossed“. I announce to you that this person has his own energy and it functions in his Universe. But if you do not know Our Father or if this energy does not call on you and well swat, go your way and do not fall in fear of what dwells in you. We call it free will. Some people manage to break our beliefs in a few words by imposing theirs. May the Universe bless them. I love the moon for me its sacred I purify everything on the full moon and I also purify when I happen to have accumulated some bad energies during the day. And let your heart speak, take what calls you and the rest is not important.

Finally, I strongly advise you to do a house purification ritual more than once a month. A friend once told me about this: how often do you pass the sweeper at your house and do your housework? Well it’s the same tempo for energetic cleansing. And if you want the negative energy to return a little less to you, I advise you to put selenite or tourmalines in the four corners of your home which will form an energy dome around it.

I wish you wonderful rituals as well as beautiful energies of love.

Written with heart and kindness by Sindy Paquet

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