Charm Casting starter set


Sacred Moon&Stars invites you here to dive into a simple, easy and lively divination art. Let the magic of the charms and your divine intuition guide you.

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This set includes:

  • 36 Charms (charms)
  • 1 draw mat of the 4 large spheres of life 10 “x10”.
  • 1 explanatory booklet
  • 1 small satin pouch for the charms
  • 1 large satin pouch for the complete set

What is Charm Casting?

Charm Casting is a form of divinatory art using charms or small objects.

The charms are thrown on a mat or in a container and then interpreted and received messages using your intuition.

This form of divination would come from the throwing of jacks or runes that our ancestors used long ago.

The only things you need are small objects, a throwing surface and your intuition. Of course, the game can greatly evolve and grow with your imagination.

Charm Casting is powerful because of its simplicity and the fact that there are no set rules. There is a mini guideline, but nothing scary. YES! YES! No rules! You make the rules with your own energy and your own feelings. No need for training or reading dozens of books.

Even the most experienced will find Charm Casting simple and easy to interpret.

The kit includes a 10 “x10” basic mat with the four spheres of life: Love/Relationships, Body/Health, Spirituality/Soul, Work/Money. Just like the charms, the carpet can also change along the way. Our rugs are printed entirely in Canada and are made from recycled material.

We also propose you on the store the house mats astrology and week.

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Dimensions 17 × 13 × 2 cm