This full moon will bring an energy of accomplishment, whether it is at the level of our personal journey or our projects, if we have shown some perseverance. Signing of contract possible.

This Full Moon in Gemini will also thank us for all the efforts made in recent weeks and even months, both on the level of ourselves and on the level of our relationships. Expect to be very busy, to receive compliments on our hard work and many efforts.

A certain form of energy of achievement and freedom in several or different spheres of our lives (personal, professional, relational, …).

This full moon will also bring us a lot of emotional tension as it comes at the same time as an eclipse! That is, the moon, earth, and sun will be aligned and the earth will shadow its satellite for a few hours. Like any full moon, the time is for introspection and questioning, which will be a little more intense than usual since it is paired with this eclipse. Let us console ourselves, all these deep questions will lead us to honest answers and correct understandings. For some it will literally be a deliverance. Finally !!!

Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces will feel this full moon a little more intensely and will need to be careful not to fall into mental excess at the risk of exhaustion. On the contrary, Aries, Libra, Leo and Aquarius will feel the breeze of freshness they have long hoped for, like a sailboat waiting for the wind to return to sea.

Citrine is the stone to appropriate for this full moon in Gemini. Stone to use for the third chakra (solar plexus). Citrine is therefore greatly beneficial for all ailments related to depression, stress, anxiety and anxiety. Excellent for the coming months which will be darker and this full moon which will lead us to perhaps be in the questions rather than in the action. Citrine is great because it is self-purifying. No need to purify it! Wear it as a necklace at the level of your solar plexus or simply in your pockets. Citrine is a so-called abundance stone. It would bring financial abundance to the one who wears it and shares it.

Remember that the full moon is also the perfect time to do your purification ritual, that is, your energetic cleaning. To learn more about purification, follow the link below.

With love and gratitude

Sindy Moon

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