My ideal

Intuition, affectivity and idealism

Several planets will affect the sign of Pisces during this new moon. This zodiac sign represents boundless generosity and compassion that begs to be expressed. She is known to promote mysticism or devotion through love. Here we will have to be wise with regard to the predominant flight intentions. So much questioning will emerge from us that it might eventually make us want to just push them away. To get through this important phase well, we will have to become aware of several facets that will emerge from this lunation.

What will make this new moon interesting will be its impulsive effect on our imaginations and dreams. As long as it doesn’t affect the way you see yourself in the present. When she enters this sign, she suddenly becomes predisposed to act with the goal of pleasing others just to feel appreciated. However, we have to keep in mind how to get there. We should not express it with fear or submission, but intervene for a cause that is close to our hearts. Trust us, emotions will be our strongest response vector for this transit.

Hypersensitivity will take part in the appointment. It might provide us with some conditions that are more difficult to assimilate, especially if the vision of our ideal does not agree with the actions we are performing in the present. With this conceptualization of our urges, the desire to apply them to our current situation suddenly becomes predominant and can give rise to regrettable choices. The universe claims that before every decision is made, we should ask ourselves whether we have all the information necessary to shape our emerging needs.

We must realize that very often intuition does not use the same route as the mind to make itself heard. These images or these desires are sometimes not understandable. We will have to take the time to let ourselves bathe in them instead of wanting to flee them. Let’s try to unravel these revelations that have arisen and make sense of them. Again, trust yourself, wrong answers have no place here. The easiest way to avoid a situation is to drink. She finds herself in great demand when the call of emotions arises without understanding. The appetite to satisfy them instantly is not vital. Beware of exaggerated spending or excess of any kind. Why not use that overabundance of imagination for something a little more creative.

In summary, there are many approaches that we can achieve our ideal immediately. Now it is up to us to provide ourselves with the spirit and the stability necessary to meet certain needs. The future is written in the present. Remember, the first step to accomplishing the unthinkable is to believe in it first.

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