Understanding, adaptability and altruism

We always have the right to do what we want, when we want to. It goes without saying that this is not without consequences of course. We are also free to perceive things the way we want to. So why bother to take certain events into consideration? To be honest, the month ahead requires several qualities to be put into practice to help us take a more inward than outward look. How should we be responsible? What approach will we need to deal with external circumstances?

Understanding comes from the faculty to observe in a detached way the situations which occur to us. By collaborating emotionally on a quick decision, we can quickly fall into the realm of the ego, acting for our own well-being only. This new moon requires selflessness. Look at the proposals of life according to our situation, from our perspective, take the necessary time and analyze them well to then ensure that they are profitable for all.

We are living an astrological event that is very much in demand by several aspects involving great awareness. Through these inner clearings, we are faced with situations where we want things to change. To do this, we must set our intentions on how to adapt to those around us. Everyone who shares our daily lives has needs and that is normal. What I am suggesting is therefore to turn to them, to pose a loving gaze, wondering if we have done our best to make sure everything goes well.

The only power that humans really have is the power to make choices. We can do this selfishly or involve the welfare of the people we want to be a part of our lives. Exercising our resolutions based on our unique point of view leads us to postpone or make decisions that go against the first option, the one in which we have chosen them to be part of our daily lives.

Finally, let us not forget to look at the events that we create, as a method that can maintain harmony. We can intervene positively towards humanity, taking care of our own well-being and that of our loved ones. We need to get out of the once-acceptable sphere of egocentricity. With this disease running out, no need to tell you that now more than ever, the universe is asking us to act for the good of all. I wish you good intentions for this February 11, and may this new moon guide us towards the path that suits us.

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Phil Astrologer of Astro Réno

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