Full moon in Aries

October 20, 2021 10:57 am QC 4:57 pm FR

Key words: new beginning, listening, recognition and affirmation

Keep in mind that I’m doing the general energies in astrology here. Take what appeals to you.

This will be a time of heightened emotions. We will have to be cautious in our reactions as Mars and the Moon will be in opposition. We will have to be careful in our partnerships as well and learn to defend ourselves and assert ourselves in certain situations that come our way. The famous Pluto, God of Death, located in Capricorn represents change and authority that needs to be reviewed. Review the authority that we impose on ourselves or on others. The moon, the sun and march will be in dissonance with pluto (a less joyful aspect, they don’t want each other well). This will produce a reaction and explosion phenomenon. Depending on what you are experiencing in your life, you will need to try to mitigate this reaction. It will be brief… Pluto is the cleaning by the vacuum. With March remaining in balance until October 30 the cleaning will be done until that date. It will be a short but intense moment.

If the new moon brings us to the end of a cycle, this full moon brings us to the beginning of a new one, but as in all good beginnings there is an action to take, a first step to make. Perhaps some fear of the unknown brought by Pluto will be expected.

A day later the moon will join Uranus which represents what needs to change as well as our desire to move on an introspective level. A certain feeling of being stuck brought by Saturn could also be present. Socially speaking, this already present impression will intensify further.

We will need to listen rather than veneer. Listen with your heart rather than with your ego. Listening without having an opinion dissolves the risk of being influenced and, speaking without giving our opinion or assuming something will gain credibility and will not influence anyone. This way, the discussions may be less tense.

A need to recognize ourselves will be even more present than it already is for some. Recognize that we are human and Divine, recognize that we are not entirely perfect. Recognizing certain things or people that we see with our eyes is not a reality, but an illusion. Recognize that everyone evolves differently. Recognize that we sometimes look at others out of simple greed and envy. Recognize that at times we want to be seen simply because we need the recognition we cannot give ourselves. Then, being grateful to ourselves for being able to perceive what makes us more authentic and true is called consciousness. The Universe is sending us a great opportunity for evolution.

This full moon will be in the sign of Aries which represents the self or ego. Aries is ruled by Mars who will be at the opposite of Aries in Libra which represents relationships or balance. These two energies could lead us into a form of war towards others, which will automatically make us war towards ourselves. It remains to be seen how we will manage this little tug of war. With diplomacy and fairness or with impulsiveness and anger. This energy was already present during the new moon. You may have tried to dodge it, but now it’s time to face it. It’s all about how you do it. Over the years, wars have not only brought bad things. If there had been no war, the Berlin Wall would still exist.

Many planets that were retrograde will resume their direct course. The energies, both positive and negative, will intensify considerably. Tell yourself that, whatever emotions you feel during this brief period, they are only temporary and are there to make us aware of some aspects of our lives that need to be redefined or changed if we are willing to believe in them and face them. To take height, to look from a neutral point of view at what surrounds us to finally get out or change our inner space that no longer suits us and that we have built ourselves despite what others have helped us to build over time. For some, the desire to stay and change the space will be considered, while for others, leaving to go and rebuild something completely new will be more beneficial. Respect yourself in your choices without worrying about the influence and opinion of others. You are the master of your inner Universe do not let the outside shape this space.

This Full Moon brings us the opportunity to grow and expand, to finally find the strength and courage to move forward on a new path. It is with fresh eyes and a different perspective that we will resume our walk on the path we have chosen. The essential question that this full moon brings is: What would I like to leave behind and start again towards something new and much more in tune with myself?

If you are redefining your career or looking to improve your business, the Moon in Aries is a great time to start fresh and make powerful wishes about it. What you want to see happen in your life, if you ask for it during this Full Moon, will happen very quickly.

Here are the beneficial stones and crystals for this wonderful full moon. Choose the one that calls to you the most. One is enough, too much is like not enough.

Aquamarine : On the personality level, aquamarine will reduce fear and stress by chasing away negative thoughts. It allows us to better hear what our soul wants to tell us and encourages us to take charge of our self. Also helps to understand our emotional states and improves our self-expression.

Carnelian: A creative stone, Carnelian is a powerful motivator and gives a good dose of vitality for new business, a new job or simply a fresh start. Supports positive life choices and helps turn our dreams into reality. Turns anger or victimization into power and motivation to change things. Stabilizing stone, it anchors in the here and now. Helps to overcome negative conditioning by encouraging us to trust ourselves.

Chrysocolla : facilitates verbal expression and helps to communicate our feelings well. In couples, this stone will empower both parties to facilitate clear and loving communication. Soft stone that transmutes negative energy, healing the emotional bodies (stagnant and recurring emotions). It relieves guilt and brings joy. Decreases prejudice towards ourselves and encourages compassion towards others, which is essential to accepting love from others. Helps meditation by gently opening our psychic vision. Chrysocolla is a great help in accepting changing situations, especially those over which we have no control. Encourages self-awareness and inner balance, invoking our inner strength to affirm our truth.

To finish I share with you my simple full moon ritual:https://www.sacredmoonandstars.com/rituel-de-la-pleine-lune/

I wish you all a full and conscious life.

Sindy Cartomancer, astrologer and full time dreamer of a more conscious universe. For a consultation with me it is here: https://www.sacredmoonandstars.com/produit/theme-natal/

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