October 6, 2021

7:02 am Qc

1:02 pm En

To listen to the energies of the new moon in Libra it is here:


Key words:

  • Diplomacy
  • New cycle
  • Preparation
  • Influence

The New Moon on October 6 will take place in the seventh sign of the zodiac, Libra. It is the sign of the couple, but beyond the couple it is also the sign of partnership, justice and balance.

During this lunation a quadruple conjunction will take place in this sign between Mercury (our mind), Mars (impulsiveness and our will), the Moon (our emotions) and of course the Sun (our vitality). A conjunction is when two or more planets are within 12 degrees of each other. This phenomenon always brings the end and the beginning of a cycle. In Libra, this cycle will have to do with couples, partnerships but also with our personal balance. Many questions will come to us in order to start a new cycle. The desire to change will be present. What may be less likely is the action in the face of this change. Many questions brought by Mercury (our mind) will be in the spotlight. Example: Is something changing and I’m not doing anything? or I need to change things but I don’t know how to deal with the change? We will have to consider the change as a reality and not leave things alone. If something is wrong we will have to verbalize it with diplomacy, being direct but diplomatic, keeping a certain control over our emotions tinged with impulsiveness linked to Mars. A great opportunity will arise during this period and will last for a long time if we succeed in matching our emotions with our actions. Otherwise, the risk of saying: I should have said or done that 2 weeks later, at the time of the full moon will come to titillate us. So, prepare yourself for this change which may be uncomfortable, but which, in time, will be more than beneficial to us. Making the choice to change something and end a cycle is also ending another one in order to write a new page of our history instead of trying to rewrite over a page already full.

This new moon will give us the slight impression of sitting behind the wheel of a car and having one foot on the gas and the other on the brake. We have two choices: to hold the steering wheel firmly or to let the car drive itself and let fate do the driving for us. I let you choose which option you prefer. The steering wheel will represent how we react to what is said and heard during this time. It is by being diplomatic and humble in our discussions with others that we will find the way to go. Realizing that we will have to take action and stand up is the key to this change and the beginning of the new cycle. Preparing to change our habits and getting out of our comfort zone will lead us to have a better perspective of what our life could be like if we change certain aspects. Two and a half days later the Moon will enter Scorpio and this choice will be imminent. I choose to stay the same or change. If we manage to detach ourselves from what no longer serves us, a form of relief can be felt at the full moon. Why is this full moon directly related to this new moon? Because Mercury, Mars and the Sun will fall in opposition with this Moon which will be in the opposite sign, Aries.

Always keep in mind that we are sometimes influenced by others as much as we influence them. Whether it’s at work, with family or just with our friends. How this will be done is exceedingly important? With impulsiveness, arrogance and aggressiveness or with gentleness, humility and diplomacy? Take a moment to consider how you influence others and how others influence you.

The search for balance brought by Balance is the ideal time to regain control of our life that may have been lost or simply put on pause in order to recognize the people who bring us positive energy or to whom I bring this energy. And of course the opposite, who brings me negative energy or to whom I bring negative energy. Nothing would change or evolve if we didn’t change our colors and let go of what no longer serves us, just as the trees do in the fall, guided by the sunlight.

Here are some handy little essentials to make this new moon more magical than it already is:

The essential oil: jasmine, put on your heart chakra will allow you to talk with it or simply in your bath for the energy of love.

Stones and crystals :

  • Fluorite: helps to overcome physical and mental stress. Regardless of its color, fluorite dissolves illusions to reveal the truth behind a situation. Gives inner strength and stability to face external influences and pressure.
  • Kunzite: take note here that this stone is also one of the stones I named in my Mercury retrograde podcast that will end on October 18. This stone is just incredible in its appearance and also for all its incredible benefits that I will unfortunately not name here now. I will name the important ones for the new moon. Kunzite is good for all forms of communication, as it helps to focus on the heart. Very good stone for those who have difficulty in meditation. It brings protection to our heart, helps to dispel negativity, promotes tolerance towards others and towards oneself, reduces stress and anxiety. An excellent stone for gentle and honest introspection. Aligns intellect, intuition and inspiration.
  • Moonstone: Moonstone is one of my favorite! I’ve been wearing one on my finger for a while now and I can handle the emotions that can come over me at times much better. It calms excessive emotions, reduces instability and prevents overreaction to situations that trigger our emotional side. It is advised not to wear it during the full moon only. For my part, I let her feed on the full moon rays during this period.

Here is a simple and easy spell to rebalance your aura during this new moon.https://www.sacredmoonandstars.com/petit-sort-simple-pour-prendre-soin-de-vos-chakras/

I wish you all a new year filled with love, kindness, humility and above all, beautiful and incredible revelations.

With Love and Kindness

Sindy Cartomancer, astrologer and full time dreamer of a more conscious universe

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