Amethyst divinatory pendulum


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17″ long clock with rough amethyst tip and amethyst beads.

Calm and serenity of mind

The Amethyst has virtues of purification. This pendulum will make the atmosphere calm, serene while raising the vibratory rate of the places and people in the vicinity. This raw stone is a carrier of positive energies and transmits them powerfully. It is considered a stone of passage, accompanying souls to connect to their light and continue their spiritual journey smoothly. It is associated with the development of the third eye. Ideal for concentration and mental clarity needed for channeling, guidance and meditation. This amethyst pendulum helps to focus on the essential by its soothing virtue and takes the mind towards deep relaxation.

Made in Quebec by the wonderful and talented Marie-Ève Gascon of Énergie ÔM. Her products are all energetically infused with recharged Reiki energy and carefully purified.

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