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17″ long energy clock with danburite tip and frosted clear quartz beads.

Karmic cleansing

The Danburite tip clears the aura and elevates consciousness by connecting to the angelic realms. It brings peace of mind and provides a link to eternal wisdom. This pendulum is very interesting for spiritual work because it has a very pure vibration that acts on the connection between the heart chakra and the higher chakras. The vibrations of this stone smooth and light the way for the individual. This facilitates deep change and detachment from the negative past by pointing the soul in a new direction. Excellent companion for meditation as it leads to a state of serenity and mindfulness that allows you to connect to yourself and your inner light.

Made in Quebec by the wonderful and talented Marie-Ève Gascon of Énergie ÔM. Her products are all energetically infused with recharged Reiki energy and carefully purified.

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