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Ideal for beginners as well as the more experienced in the divinatory art of the pendulum. She will answer what you need to know. Measuring 4×4 inches, it is easy to carry with you.

Each of our boards is recharged and purified by our team using crystals and a ritual. It was created in a spirit of love and Divine gratitude.

This pendulum board is perfect during your divinatory consultations in order to target the spheres of life in which you or your consultant have some difficulties.

This board is the perfect tool to start a tarot consultation or an energy consultation of any kind.


The 12 astrological houses represent the 12 important areas of a human’s life.

  • House 1 / The Self / Aries

The 1st house represents the self, the way people perceive us and the ego.

  • House 2 / Resources / Taurus

The 2nd house represents resources, both material and spiritual.

  • House 3 / Communications / Gemini

The 3rd house represents our way of communicating as well as our way of listening.

  • House 4 / Home / Cancer

The 4th house represents home, the people close to us, our home and the past.

  • House 5 / Leisure / Leo

The 5th house represents leisure, the way of loving as well as the way of pleasing oneself.

  • House 6 / Work / Virgo

The 6th house represents work, the field in which we accomplish ourselves.

  • House 7 / Relationships / Libra

The 7th house represents relationships, marriage and our way of loving.

  • House 8 / Sexuality / Scorpio

The 8th house represents sexuality, our fertility and our way of seduction.

  • House 9 / Spirituality / Sagittarius

The 9th house represents spirituality, our beliefs and teaching.

  • House 10 / Trials / Capricorn

The 10th house represents trials on all levels, torments and our blood families.

  • House 11 / Friendships / Aquarius

The 11th house represents friendships and our way of being loved.

  • House 12 / Secrets / Fish

The 12th house represents secrets, what is buried and gifts.


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