Dynamism, enthusiasm and creativity

Of all the atmospheres the moon can offer us, this will undoubtedly be one of the most energetic. Probably the gaze of others will become more important than usual. How will I succeed in valuing myself? A question to ask yourself for this full moon, because it will activate our creativity where we risk acting in a generous and passionate way to show off. Some warnings may take a beneficial form to adopt to fully understand the message of this full moon.

Certain aspects of this sky, notably the square of Uranus conjunct Mars with the sun, will install slight distortions. The full moon in lion is overflowing with enthusiasm and this famous square amplifies our reactive side. In the need to share one’s point of view, a strong tendency to want to reap the merits of our actions will become conflictual. In the event that these acts do not bring praise or thanks, as one would wish, the possibility of small skirmishes could take place. The constellation Leo transfers passionate energy that affects our good and bad perceptions.

The opportunity is on a creative side. The lion moon has the benefit of combining our inner feminine and masculine to shape beautiful things. Let us remain open-minded and invest in this vitality to improve, embellish or even, for example, adapt our home. Many of these factors can quickly make a situation worse. We need to take the time to properly channel this energy and direct it into an original area rather than an urge to act just to attract thanks. Operating without the need for the necessary recognition from someone else allows for personal growth. If this is done well, we will see those around us benefit as much if not more.

We must understand here all the spheres of this constellation Leo. A bossy and controlling side is hidden under this zodiac sign when expressed in a certain way. A strong desire for assertion will feel very present. Let us also remember, when this moon-created phenomenon will affect our emotivity and make us more picky than usual.

So let’s imagine two people with a very excited enthusiast and a goal in mind. They take the road to fulfill their mission and suddenly these two people collide in a car. I assure you, the possibility that this event will take a more territorial turn will become very strong. Each of these individuals risks finding themselves in the desire for confrontation to express their emotional intensity.

We are required to keep in mind that an atmosphere like this can be experienced in many ways. Let’s remain responsible towards our loved ones or even a stranger. We have the capacity to exteriorize everything in life, but keep in mind the impact of our words and the ardor with which we will deliver them. Ask yourself if we are taking these actions in a way that we are recognized, when we should be acting simply out of love. This January 28 requires flexibility and a less personal look at the interactions that will happen.

Phil Astrologer of Astro Réno

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