The power

Conquest, ambivalence and desire

We define ourselves by our actions. When the need for self-realization becomes alive, the actions taken take many forms. Are you more of a conqueror, risking hurting people in the process, or are you trying to take the place of the mediator in a confrontation of some kind? I used the title of power, which brings out several aspects of us. I will describe to you here below the position that this way of acquiring certain things can take.

For some individuals, this full moon will certainly give a force of accomplishment, however we must keep in mind that often to get something we have to give up something. Sometimes, the simple fact of wanting to indulge in something is defined as an urge to indulge our power. The question is to be asked here. Am I someone who needs to get something so that I can feel happy? Or, am I a person who likes to be right for my own pleasure and the eyes of others affect me little?

If this ill-judged conquest or affirmation is applied to a couple, usually one of the two parties loses. Faced with an irrevocable desire to seduce someone, no matter what we have to leave behind, we have our share of emotions that demands to be brought out and often the easy way would be to ignore it. This lunation allows us to recognize the part of decision making that we can administer in our lives. Why not enjoy the love of simple exchanges between two beings without wanting to be right and share a good time?

For many individuals who wish to have the final say, this Full Moon will increase the desire to fulfill that piece of power. In my opinion, this is still a bit more of a beastly approach to a much more rewarding atmosphere that it could take on. With the moon in balance we can adjust our need to interact with others so that everyone comes out ahead. The strength of this moon loves kindness and respect. My advice here is to take the time necessary to consider all the desires of the people with whom we share our full moon moments.

Finally, we must admit to ourselves that the desire for power is hidden in each of us. Even though we are the conquering and dominant type of beings, there are so many ways to do this peacefully and without hurting anyone. Being patient and open-minded to consider all the possibilities each person has taken, provides a more loving level of exchange. Adopting flexibility in our expression of power and being more responsive does not make us weaker, it makes us more respectable.

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