Solar Revolution Astrological Year




“A Solar Revolution is a theme set up for the time of the year when the Sun returns to its birth position. It can therefore be calculated every year, to give us the main trends of the next twelve months”. Is this a pivotal year or simply a year of continuity is one of the atmospheres we will look at in this interpretation.

Astrologically, the RS chart gives the general atmosphere of the following solar year, that is, from the anniversary date to the following year. Unlike the Transits which give precise dates or periods, the RS does not give a precise indication of time. Its meanings are valid for the 12 months.

In astrology, it is often said that everything is written in the sky. The proof is in your natal chart, also known as the sky chart, which indicates the position of the planets at the time of your birth and determines your personality. However, other maps exist. It is a bit like every year, its sky map. This last one, nicknamed solar revolution, allows to give the main trends of the year according to your profile.

More than any other forecasting technique, the study of the Solar Revolution must be subordinated to that of the natal chart. The events potentiated in the SR must necessarily be confirmed by the affinities with the natal chart. In this sense, the study of the comparison of themes between the RS and the natal is essential to evaluate the importance of events. The same is true for the study of the slow planets of the year in aspect to the points of the natal chart, which corresponds in fact to the analysis of the major planetary transits.

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