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The Gé oracle is a divinatory game allowing to date predictions thanks to the blades of the seasons. Its creator offers a manual to accomplish detailed clairvoyances and get the most out of this oracle. In addition to the symbolic meaning of each blade, it offers several printing methods: numerological, cosmic, cross, astrological, 6 and 16 blades.

You will be able to take a complete tour of your present situation, visualize your near future and initiate projects with full knowledge of the facts, directing your efforts towards a better life by channeling better energies.

In the book, written by Gérard Barbier the creator, you will discover a perfectly clear user guide to accomplish dated and detailed clairvoyances and get the most out of this oracle.

A very talkative and sharp game. It will tell you exactly what you need to hear without any gimmicks.

This game includes

  • The box
  • 61 cards
  • A very complete book explaining the cards and the forms of draw.

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