Journey through the major arcana


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This intuitive and introspective training is a journey through the history and energy of the major arcana. From the madman to the world, you will dive into the history of each of the blades while questioning yourself deeply inside. Each question will increase your awareness and help you to open your Ajna (third eye) more. You will imbue your mind with the energy of each blade through automatic writing sessions, short visualizations, story-based description and mini-shares.

This training is intended for both the beginner and the more experienced in the divinatory art of tarot. It is more than a training, it is a revelation to oneself, a way to cherish our parts of shadows and lights.

What can this training be used for? This training can help you first to know and anchor in your subconscious each of the 22 major arcana. This will allow you to make accurate draws for yourself and others while remaining in the here and now. It will also allow you to practice your senses and psychic gifts. Finally, in this course you will discover an incredible person with whom perhaps you have not had an honest discussion for a long time, I am talking about yourself.

Be confident, this training will change the way you see the tarot that can seem so complex!

About our trainer: Sindy is our chief founder. She has spent many years training and practicing her gifts. She has been practicing tarot professionally for 2 years now. Her mission is to rekindle the sacred flame of respect and trust in the other person in order to experience fulfillment. She knows how to bring out the hidden parts in the other and transmute them. Every person who has crossed their tarot cards will tell you that something has started to grow in them. She has an incredible gift for transmission.

Message from our trainer: I have created this training so that everyone can access their gifts of feeling in simplicity and honesty. I created it with my heart and by letting myself be guided. I have asked the Universe to enlighten every human being who will participate in this training.


The training will take place online via Zoom every Sunday from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm starting August 8, 2021 through November 19, 2021. *

*The courses will be recorded and available the next day.

In order to personalize this training and make it more intimate, only 17 places are available.

Included in the training

  • A personalized logbook valued at $24.99
  • A tarot deck to create worth $15.99 ( 78 blank cards to create and a box )

Not included

  • Your Rider-Waite or Marseille tarot


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