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A fresh, dynamic and original game.

The Fox Universe Tarot: A Self Care Oracle. The box includes 80 illustrated cards and a 96-page guide. The guide covers the meanings for all 80 cards and gives instructions for reading the card spreads.

Drawing on a decade of experience in social work, Taylor has written and illustrated a comprehensive guide to practicing self-care in a stressful world. Learn to recognize the signs of burnout and add essential tools to your personal development toolbox with 80 illustrated cards to help you. Each deck includes a 96-page guide that is filled with strategies for maintaining mental health and achieving balance in your life.

Based on the regular tarot each card is a rediscovery a different and simple way to see each arcana. The Fox Universe Tarot takes us into a world of healing and honesty with ourselves. The power and dynamics of the images instantly transport us into a universe full of beautiful revelations.

All maps and guidebook were designed by Taylor Haigh on Gabriola, British Columbia, 2019.

Available only in English.

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