What is numerology?

Numerology is interested in the symbolic value of numbers that represent a vibration and an influence.

The numbers will not tell you how to deal with events by telling you whether or not you will overcome the challenges of life. Numerology can on the other hand advise you, warn you, guide you and give you keys to make your own choices.

Present since the birth of the development of human intelligence, numbers are an integral part of the unconscious of each human being.

Etymologically, the term “numerology” comes from the Latin “numerus” meaning “number” and the Greek word “logos” which can be translated as “expression”, “speech” or “thought”. Numerology, also known as arithmomancy, is the art of interpreting numbers to draw conclusions about a person’s character, personality, energies or future potential. Some speak of divinatory art, esoteric discipline, universal language of numbers or general conceptions of the world through which we quantify and qualify the universal vibrations of life.

The energy of numbers

Energies of number 1
Energies of the number 2
Energies of number 3
Number energies4
Energy of the number 5
Energies of the number 6
Energies of the number 7
Energy of the number 8
Energies of the number 9

Written with heart and kindness by Sindy Paquet

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