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Sage smoked purification is an ancient spiritual ritual that is well established as a Native American cultural or tribal practice, although it is not practiced by all groups.

We must thank the traditions of many Native American peoples for its use. They are the ones who still use it today during many of their rituals.

Many other cultures around the world share similar rituals.

Sage fumigation can be used as a ritualistic tool to rid yourself – or clear your space – of negativity. This includes past traumas, bad experiences or negative energies of others.

Ridding the body, objects and spaces of bad energy can help welcome new, fresher and more positive energies. It could have an energizing effect and help reduce fatigue.

Before lighting sage, it is always good to set an intention, especially when performing spiritual or energetic cleansing. Remove animals and people from the room.

It is also important to leave a window open before, during and after fumigation. This allows the smoke to escape.

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