Polished Rose Quartz


Love, gentleness, self-confidence.

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Chakras: heart

Physiology: Adrenal

Rose quartz is the quintessential unconditional love stone. It will help during the process of self-acceptance bringing deep emotional healing. She also teaches not to sacrifice yourself in the name of love and intervenes when it is necessary to say a firm but loving no. Rose quartz dispels illusions about what true love is.

Stone useful for overcoming addictions, obsessions or tendencies to self-harm.

She will be an excellent ally to counter grief or disappointment.

If you tend to be in codependent or abusive relationships, rose quartz will help attract mutually loving relationships.

Powerful stone to relieve grief or loss since it strengthens empathy and sensitivity. Encourages self-forgiveness and helps reveal the role of our soul through those who might have hurt us thus facilitating the forgiveness of the other.

This stone invokes self-confidence and increases self-worth.

Origin: South Africa and Brazil.

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