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The transcendental game of Zen.

In certain periods of our lives when certainty and hesitation overtake us, we often seek a new source of inspiration: What is the future? What happens if I make this decision or another one? What about my health? To satisfy this desire to know the future or the past, we use traditional tarot decks.

The Osho Zen Tarot is a tool for understanding what is in the here and now. It is based on Zen wisdom which teaches that external events reflect only our own thoughts and feelings, including those of which we are unaware.

This tarot thus helps us to turn our attention away from external influences to gain a clearer understanding of our inner consciousness.

The cards, whose medieval symbols have been replaced by modern images, are well adapted to our time and will also appeal to those who are not yet initiated to tarot.

The images always represent a temporary situation that can bring about a change.

The instruction book that accompanies these cards includes texts written in the Zen sense, simple and direct, and contribute to a deep understanding of the images.

English version also available.

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