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The energies of the number 2

Positive: association, balance, cooperation, movement, imagination Negative: duality, passivity, self-doubt and doubt of others, dependence Symbols: the moon, the couple, the duo that unites and merges. Roles: mother, woman, wife, the feminine part of oneself, counselor. Verb: I am listening Day of the week: Monday

The energies of the number 1

Positive: leadership, strength, self-determination, charisma, creativity Negative: loneliness, stubbornness, individualism, cunning, authority, rigidity Symbols: the sun, the standing man, the authority figure, the starting point and the creative power. Roles: father, man, husband or spouse, male part of oneself. Verb: I will Day of the week: Sunday

Guidance of the living beings of the air element

The animals of the air ask us to dive deep into ourselves in order to perceive what is hidden or what needs to be changed. They can also show us freedom, our own wings. To do this, it will be necessary to practice self-confidence. They are a sign of imminent or current change. Click on …

The butterfly

Key words : deep metamorphosis, rebirth, cycles, lightness, change Spiritual description: The butterfly represents a profound metamorphosis of the being. The energy that he will have to deploy to come out of his chrysalis and spread his wings is powerful and generated by all the other steps. Message: A cycle is underway and a profound …

animal totem, animal guidance, dragonfly, animal oracle

The dragonfly

Key words: transformation, change, adaptability, joy, lightness Spiritual description : The dragonfly represents a powerful change to find joy and lightness. It adapts to its environment for its transformation cycles. Message: Choose freedom over heaviness by adapting to your environment.

animal totem, animal guidance, oracle, owl

The owl

Keywords : clairvoyance, knowledge, intuition, observation Spiritual description : The owl with its very sharp night vision, sees perfectly in the dark. He observes and learns about his environment in stillness before making his movements and then uses his intuition. Message: Sometimes stillness is required to look honestly at your surroundings. Close your eyes, look …

animal totem, animal guidance, oracle, rooster

The rooster

Keywords : vigilance, pride, masculinity, enthusiasm, protection Spiritual description : The rooster represents pride and masculinity. In some cultures, it represents protection and vigilance against wealth. Enthusiastic, it is also a harbinger of a new day. Message: Be proud of your accomplishments whether they are big or small. Every day counts!

animal totem, dove, animal guidance, oracle

The dove

Key words : peace, purity, passage, freedom, union Spiritual description: The dove represents emotional release that will bring peace of mind. Also represents the passage to another spiritual level. Message : To find peace you must first purify your mind and free yourself.

animal totem, animal guidance, oracle

The ladybug

Keywords: abundance, luck, good news, choice, decision Spiritual description: The ladybug, also called ” God’s beast” , is an insect that announces good luck and abundance, but it is also there to give us a message when a choice or a decision must be made now. Message: The openness and confidence is there and the …

animal totem, stork, animal guidance, oracle

The stork

Stork Keywords : gestation , project, pregnancy, creation, waiting Spiritual description: In some stories the stork is the harbinger of a pregnancy or a newborn child, but it is above all a sign of creation and birth of a project of all kinds. Having a child is just as much a project as going on …