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Tarot Edition

If you’re here, it means you have in your hands a card from The Destiny Scratch and have discovered a tarot card that holds a message for you. Nothing happens by chance. Open your soul and let yourself be guided by this message that was destined for you here and now. In the tradition of …

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Numerology in brief

What is numerology? Numerology is interested in the symbolic value of numbers that represent a vibration and an influence. The numbers will not tell you how to deal with events by telling you whether or not you will overcome the challenges of life. Numerology can on the other hand advise you, warn you, guide you …

numerology, number 9

The energies of the number 9

Positive : humanity, open-mindedness, compassion, intuition, dedication Negative : sacrifice, nervousness, unrealism, poor listening, idealism. Symbol: completion, integrity, wisdom, acceptance of gifts. Roles: the altruist, the humanist, the generous, the enlightened and intelligent leader, the teacher and the trainer. Verb: I see Day of the week: Wednesday

numerology, number 8

The energies of the number 8

Positive: ambition, efficiency, realism, practicality, transformation. Negative : stubbornness, manipulation, opportunism, frustration, power. Symbol: infinity, cosmic balance, material power, business, justice. Roles: the builder, the strategist, the hero or heroine, the manager. Verb: I realize Day of the week: Saturday or Sunday

numerology number 7

The energies of the number 7

Positive: spirituality, expertise, originality, wisdom, intuition, serenity. Negative : coldness, blocking, lack of openness, tyranny, superiority Symbol: introspection, faith, openness, learning and realization of inner wisdom. Roles: the professional of knowledge, the intellectual and cerebral person, the guide and the thinking part of oneself. Verb: I know Day of the week: Saturday or Sunday

numerology, number 6

The energy of the number 6

Positive: patience, forgiveness, acceptance, objective judgment, compassion Negative: perfectionism, mania, fear, resentment, envy, anger Symbols: fertility, perfection, vision, peace. Roles: the responsible person, the judge, the lover, the tender and the artist. Verb : I like Day of the week: Friday

numerology, number 5

The energies of the number 5

Positive: curiosity, independence, freedom, adaptability, boldness, choice Negative : intolerance, inconstancy, impulsiveness, impatience, provocation Symbols : freedom, energy (physical, intellectual, sexual) Roles: the free and adventurous human, the being in his intimacy. Verb : I change Day of the week: Thursday

numerology, number 4

The energies of the number 4

Positive: rigor, rootedness, patience, organization, stability Negative: control, pessimism, rigidity, limitation, blockage, excess Symbols: stability, family, the 4 seasons Roles: the reliable worker, the organizer, the creator of a solid foundation, the boundary setter. Verb : I do Day of the week: Wednesday and Thursday

numerology, number three, 3

The energies of the number 3

Positive: communication, spontaneity, seduction, intelligence Negative: immaturity, superficiality, naivety, jealousy, pride, caprice Symbols: the trinity, natural cycles, the manifestation of creation, friendships. Roles: child, verbalizer, facilitator and smooth talker. Verb : I say Day of the week: Tuesday